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The Interior Castle - Leatherbound

The Interior Castle - Leatherbound
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Author: Saint Teresa of Jesus

Product Code:  B2583
ISBN:  9781905574629
Publisher:  Baronius Press
Format  Leather
Pages  256



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"I began to think of the soul as a castle made of a single diamond [.] in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions."

St. Teresa of Jesus, also known as St. Teresa of Avila, is one of the most popular Doctors of the Church. Her teaching on prayer has continued to inspire and guide Christians in their spiritual journeys for over four hundred years.

In The Interior Castle St. Teresa describes the road by which she was led, well aware that the others may be led in a different way. In the heavenly Father's house, there are many mansions; not only seven, and many paths lead to them. What gives the work such high value is, that it is the result of a most searching inquiry into the various phases whereby a soul is gradually transformed into the likeness of God Himself. Here St. Teresa is at her best. She takes nothing for granted, her own personal experiences are admitted only after having been fully investigated and found to be consistent one with the other, and conformable to the teaching of the Church and the words of Holy Scripture.

The Interior Castle or the Mansions - Translated from the Autography of Saint Teresa by the Benedictines of Stanbrook. Revised with Introduction and additional notes by the Very Reverend Benedict Zimmerman, O.C.D. This edition has been re-typeset using the text of the 1912 edition originally published by Thomas Baker, London, with an Imprimatur by Edm. Canon Surmont, Vicar General, Westminster, 22nd January 1912. Leather hardback, with ribbon.

Publisher: Baronius Press
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781905574629
More by this Author: Saint Teresa of Jesus
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