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The Way of Divine Love

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The Way of Divine Love
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Author: Sister Josefa MenÚndez

Product Code:  B3265
ISBN:  9781905574742
Publisher:  Baronius Press
Format  Hardcover
Pages  584



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Sister Josefa MenÚndez was born into a devoutly Catholic family in Madrid, Spain on February 4, 1890. Endowed with an aptitude for prayer and drawn to the religious life from childhood, she first had to support her povertystricken family as a dressmaker. In spite of many hardships her desire to completely offer herself to God never wavered. She left Spain in 1920 to enter a French monastery of the Society of the Sacred Heart, where she became a Coadjutrix Sister. In the convent she received numerous private revelations that gave her a distinguished place among visionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She died a holy death on December 29, 1923.

The Way of Divine Love is the definitive record of Sister MenÚndez's life and the heavenly messages that she received. It is one of the most complete chronicles of an individual's extraordinary mystical experiences in the history of the Church. Despite many trials in her daily life, she recorded everything that she received from heaven as faithfully as possible, including her incredibly detailed visions of the Passion of Christ.

Everything in Josefa's life is grace giving and profoundly moving. Her writings and her life confirm each other, as evidence that all that took place in her was divine in origin. Even the most extraordinary happenings have an aim and significance. There are no unessential details, no record of revelations that do not bring out in clearer light and force some dogmatic truth, giving us deeper insight into the Heart of Our Lord, His love, the value of souls, the happiness of heaven, the irreparable loss of the damned.

This edition has been re-typeset using the text of the 1956 edition originally published by Sands & Co. (Publishers) Ltd, London, Glasgow under the Imprimatur of E. Morrogh Bernard, Vicar General, Westminster, May 5, 1953.

Publisher: Baronius Press
Pages: 584
ISBN: 9781905574742
More by this Author: Sister Josefa MenÚndez
Keywords: Saints Angels Mystics books Christian Mystics and Christian Mysticism

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