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Three to Get Married

Three to Get Married
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Author: Fulton J Sheen, Ph D

Product Code:  B1532
ISBN:  9780933932876
Publisher:  Scepter
Format  Paperback
Pages  216



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One of the greatest and best-loved spokesmen for the Faith here sets out the Church's beautiful understanding of marriage in his trademark clear and entertaining style. Frankly and charitably, Bishop Sheen presents the causes of and solutions to common marital crises, and tells touching real-life stories of people whose lives were transformed through marriage. Not only an insightful look at the proper/Catholic notion of love and sex, Bishop Sheen covers practically every aspect of marriage with a view to imparting its proper role and purpose. From the damage caused by indiscriminate sex education to the "three basic tensions in marriage," Bishop Sheen shows the Church's teaching on the sacrament of matrimony from the standpoints of philosophy, theology and morality. He emphasizes that Our Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of every successful and loving marriage. Hence, THREE to Get Married. This is a perfect gift for engaged couples, or for married people as a fruitful occasion for self-examination.

Publisher: Scepter
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9780933932876
More by this Author: Fulton J Sheen, Ph D
Keywords: Traditional Catholic, Tridentine, Latin Mass General books Marriage and Parenting

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