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20 Answers: Jehovah's Witnesses

20 Answers: Jehovah's Witnesses
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Author: Trent Horn

Product Code:  B2698
ISBN:  9781784691110
Publisher:  CTS
Format  Paperback
Pages  72
Condition  New



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When discussing Christianity with Jehovah's Witnesses we might be presented with 'facts' or asked questions which we are uncertain about answering. This carefully and clearly written booklet provides the answers to those questions. Topics covered include the Divinity of Jesus, scripture, and the many other distinctive beliefs held by Jehovah's Witnesses.

Trent Horn is an apologist and speaker for Catholic Answers. He is the author of dozens of articles, booklets, and books about apologetics.

Publisher: CTS
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9781784691110
More by this Author: Trent Horn
Keywords: Catechism books Catholic Doctrine and the Catholic Faith

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