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Dom Guéranger - A Monk at the Heart of the Church

Dom Guéranger - A Monk at the Heart of the Church
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Author: Dom Guy Marie Oury, OSB

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Publisher:  Loreto
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Pages  440



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Translated by Hope Heaney. After the devastation of the French Revolution, the first abbot of Solesmes launched the ecclesial movement which invited all Christians to experience a spiritual participation in the liturgy, "the initial source of the true Christian spirit." Dom Guéranger worked to instill knowledge and love for the origins of Christianity and the Church of the Fathers, thus preparing a fertile and fruitful "return to the sources" for the entire Church.

He defined himself as "a man of the spiritual order," opposed in every way to the naturalism of his era. It seemed to him, and rightly so, that God's mystery could not be treated as were the human sciences-He transcended them. Throughout his entire life, Dom Guéranger never stopped protesting against "the diminished truths" mentioned in Psalm 11:2.

(From the Preface) The abbot of Solesmes was a man of a great and single idea. He had from the start the genial intuition of his mission, and he devoted himself entirely to it: that of restoring to our disinherited age all the scattered treasures of the thousand-year tradition of Christianity, and above all the forgotten riches of antiquity that the Church preserves in her liturgy. Such was the luminous star that guided him in all his ways. And he envisaged this ideal in all its aspects: . the study and the love of liturgical institutions; the pastoral value of the liturgical year and its ever varied teachings; the doctrinal foundations of this theological locus of first order; the treasures of asceticism and of mysticism which the liturgical seasons and the lives of the Saints bring us every day. In sum, Dom Guéranger placed himself from the beginning at the center of the temple, and he contemplated its every part and all its elements: he is the unequaled liturgist.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Sablé During the Empire and Restoration
  • Chapter 2: Adolescent Years in Angers
  • Chapter 3: The Seminarian from Le Mans
  • Chapter 4: Secretary to Bishop De La Myre-Mory
  • Chapter 5: A Go-it-Alone Mennaisian
  • Chapter 6: Administrator for the Foreign Missions Society
  • Chapter 7: The Three Glorious Days: the Revolution of 1830
  • Chapter 8: The Young Priest from Le Mans
  • Chapter 9: The Priory of Solesmes
  • Chapter 10: Seeking Candidates and Resources
  • Chapter 11: Final Preparations
  • Chapter 12: July 11, 1833
  • Chapter 13: A First Novitiate Under a Novice Prior
  • Chapter 14: Initial Projects, Initial Guests
  • Chapter 15: The Crisis of 1836
  • Chapter 16: First Trip to Rome
  • Chapter 17: Approval from Rome
  • Chapter 18: Bishop Bouvier and the Abbey of Solesmes
  • Chapter 19: The Young Abbot Amidst his Monks
  • Chapter 20: The Liturgical Institutions
  • Chapter 21: The Liturgical Year
  • Chapter 22: The Second Trip to Rome
  • Chapter 23: The Fortunes And Misfortunes of the Saint-Germain Priory in Paris
  • Chapter 24: Catastrophe
  • Chapter 25: Triennial Abbatial Appointment Under Episcopal Control
  • Chapter 26: In The Upheaval: a Father Amidst his Monks
  • Chapter 27: Revolution in France and in Rome
  • Chapter 28: Friends and Guests of the Monastery
  • Chapter 29: Plans for New Foundations
  • Chapter 30: Third Trip to Rome (1851-1852)
  • Chapter 31: Naturalism and Liberalism
  • Chapter 32: The Failure of the Acey Foundation
  • Chapter 33: Fourth Trip to Rome (1856)
  • Chapter 34: In Defense of Mysticism and Philosophical Naturalism
  • Chapter 35: Dom Gueranger and the English Congregation
  • Chapter 36: Dom Couturier and Rules for the Novitiate
  • Chapter 37: The Spiritual Teachings of Dom Guéranger
  • Chapter 38: Dom Guéranger: Spiritual Director
  • Chapter 39: Dom Guéranger and the Congregation of Beuron
  • Chapter 40: The Foundation of Marseilles
  • Chapter 41: The Foundation of Sainte-Cécile of Solesmes
  • Chapter 42: The Restoration of Gregorian Chant
  • Chapter 43: The First Vatican Council
  • Chapter 44: Solesmes in the Franco-Prussian War
  • Chapter 45: An Abbess for Sainte-Cécile
  • Chapter 46: Final Journeys
  • Chapter 47: The Last Road

Publisher: Loreto
Pages: 440
More by this Author: Dom Guy Marie Oury, OSB
Keywords: Tradition books Catholic Traditionalism

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