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Brass Evangelist bell - 12.5 cm

Brass Evangelist bell - 12.5 cmCode: G0302  Price: £21.95

Holy Water Bottle Key chain

Holy Water Bottle Key chainCode: N0349  Price: £14.50

Plain brass hand bell - 12 cm

Plain brass hand bell - 12 cmCode: G0303  Price: £14.25

Holy Face Car Magnet

Holy Face Car MagnetCode: N0219  Price: £13.95

Guardian Angel Car Visor Clip

Guardian Angel Car Visor ClipCode: N0297  Price: £11.95

St Michael Car Visor Clip

St Michael Car Visor ClipCode: N0298  Price: £11.95

Our Lady of the Highway Car Rosary -Multi-colour beads

Our Lady of the Highway Car Rosary -Multi-colour beadsCode: R0358  Price: £7.50

St Christopher Car Rosary - Brown wood beads

St Christopher Car Rosary - Brown wood beadsCode: R0357  Price: £7.50

Carmelite Badge - clip

Carmelite Badge - clipCode: N0290  Price: £5.95

Divine Mercy Key ring

Divine Mercy Key ringCode: N0340  Price: £5.95

Jerusalem Christ key ring

Jerusalem Christ key ringCode: N0524  Price: £4.75

Jerusalem Cross key ring

Jerusalem Cross key ringCode: N0512  Price: £4.75

Jerusalem Dove key ring

Jerusalem Dove key ringCode: N0511  Price: £4.75

Madonna & Child key ring

Madonna & Child key ringCode: N0523  Price: £4.75

St Agatha Key ring

St Agatha Key ringCode: N0292  Price: £3.75

Magnetic base car crucifix

Magnetic base car crucifixCode: S0418  Price: £3.50

Divine Mercy Vilnius Stickers

Divine Mercy Vilnius StickersCode: N0155  Price: £2.95

Magnetic car crucifix

Magnetic car crucifixCode: S0227  Price: £2.50

Small glass holy water bottle

Small glass holy water bottleCode: N0473  Price: £2.50

10 Commandments Bookmark

10 Commandments BookmarkCode: N0367  Price: £2.25

Divine Mercy Bookmark

Divine Mercy BookmarkCode: N0366  Price: £2.25

Guardian Angel Bookmark

Guardian Angel BookmarkCode: N0390  Price: £2.25

Holy Family Bookmark

Holy Family BookmarkCode: N0388  Price: £2.25

Sacred Heart Bookmark

Sacred Heart BookmarkCode: N0389  Price: £2.25

St Joseph Bookmark

St Joseph BookmarkCode: N0369  Price: £2.25

St Peregrine Bookmark

St Peregrine BookmarkCode: N0370  Price: £2.25

St Therese Bookmark

St Therese BookmarkCode: N0371  Price: £2.25

Notelet Card - Bird

Notelet Card - BirdCode: P0413  Price: £2.00

Notelet Card - Flower

Notelet Card - FlowerCode: P0412  Price: £2.00

Notelet Card - Rose

Notelet Card - RoseCode: P0418  Price: £2.00

Lapel Badge - red enamel cross

Lapel Badge - red enamel crossCode: N0178  Price: £1.95

Holy water container with sprinkler top

Holy water container with sprinkler topCode: N0123  Price: £1.75

Holy water container - med plastic

Holy water container - med plasticCode: N0333  Price: £1.60

Holy water container - Padre Pio

Holy water container - Padre PioCode: N0110  Price: £1.25

Holy water container - small plastic

Holy water container - small plasticCode: N0111  Price: £1.00

Out of stock
St Michael Key Ring

St Michael Key RingCode: N0176  Price: £23.95Sorry, out of stock

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Page 1 of 3:    76 Items
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