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Candle Incense Burners

Candle Incense Burners. These simple but effective incense burners are highly suitable for home use, and will burn most types of incense, using only the heat of a tea-light! See also charcoal hand censers/table incense burners... A free users guide is supplied with all our incense burners - click here for online incense information.
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Nickel-plated candle incense burner

Nickel-plated candle incense burnerCode: G2255  Price: £29.50

Candle incense burner - three-legged

Candle incense burner - three-leggedCode: G0702  Price: £28.95

Contemporary candle incense burner

Contemporary candle incense burnerCode: G0333  Price: £22.95

Candle incense burner - adjustable height

Candle incense burner - adjustable heightCode: G0521  Price: £18.95

Brass Candle Incense burner

Brass Candle Incense burnerCode: G0270  Price: £15.95

Candle incense burner - replacement grill

Candle incense burner - replacement grillCode: C0246  Price: £1.95

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