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Exclusive Incense

Five exclusive incense blends prepared using large grains of traditional resin gum, attractively and conveniently packed in glass phials, with cork stoppers. Suitable for burning on candle or charcoal incense burners.

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Exclusive Incense - Archangel - 25g phial

Exclusive Incense - Archangel - 25g phialCode: G4026  Price: £9.25   £8.95

Incense with Heavenly aroma, light, fresh scent, ideal for inner relaxation and prayer times. Presented in attractive glass phial with cork stopper

Exclusive Incense - Myrrh - 25g phial

Exclusive Incense - Myrrh - 25g phialCode: G4021  Price: £8.95

Pure myrrh incense grains. Myrrh is the dried oleo gum resin of a number of Commiphora or dhidin species of trees. Like frankincense

Exclusive Incense - Oman Frankincense - 25g phial

Exclusive Incense - Oman Frankincense - 25g phialCode: G4023  Price: £9.50

Frankincense or Olibanun resin is harvested from the sap of the Boswellia Tree. Oman frankincense is recognised as the finest frankincense in the ...

Exclusive Rose Incense - 25g phial

Exclusive Rose Incense - 25g phialCode: G4025  Price: £9.25   £8.95

Handmade with high quality resins and perfume, a delicate rose-scented incense. In attractive glass phial with cork stopper, approx 25g incense.

Exclusive Incense - Paradise - 25g phial

Exclusive Incense - Paradise - 25g phialCode: G4022  Price: £9.25   £8.95

A valuable incense blend for burning with charcoal or candle incense burners. Elegant, clean fragrance, harmonious, pleasing, and invigorating

Exclusive Incense - Solomon - 25g phial

Exclusive Incense - Solomon - 25g phialCode: G4024  Price: £9.25   £8.95

Noble blend of fine aromatic resin grains, purifying, cleansing and strengthening. Presented in attractive glass phial with cork stopper

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