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Canon Law Explained

Canon Law Explained
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Author: Fr Laurence J Spiteri

Product Code:  B2289
ISBN:  9781622821785
Publisher:  Sophia
Format  Paperback
Pages  320



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The Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church contains over 1,752 rules (or canons). Among them, you'll find fascinating canons that lay out the Church's official principles and procedures governing matters as various as abbots and annulments, scandals and Sacraments, monks and missions, bishops and books, priests and popes, synods and sacraments, homeschoolers, hostile witnesses, baptisms, burials, parishes, penance, confessions, Councils, impotence, imprimaturs. Vatican expert and veteran author Fr. Laurence Spiteri has in the pages of Canon Law Explained relieved you of the need to read all 1,752 of them (fascinating or not). Here he acquaints you with the fundamental canons by which the Church seeks to bring about, as it declares in the very last canon, the purpose all of them serve: "The salvation of souls, which must always be the supreme law in the Church."

Among the things you'll learn in the pages of Canon Law Explained:

  • Who's in charge here? Your pastor, your bishop? The Synod? Ecumenical Councils? The Pope? It's not as simple as you think
  • When Church authorities must consult you (and when they are free to act on their own)
  • The strict limits on the authority of priests and bishops, even within their own jurisdictions
  • Why only ministers may preach
  • Baptized non-Catholics: why the Church has authority over their marriages, too
  • How money must be handled in the Church
  • What missionaries can do - and what Canon Law strictly forbids them to do - in winning souls for Christ
  • Ecumenism: How Canon Law requires it (but imposes strict limits on it, too)
  • The Sacraments: when they're valid, and when they're not
  • The rights of catechumens - and their duties
  • Priestless parishes: who can do what in them
  • Valid marriages that the Church can dissolve (Did you know there are some?)
  • Church trials: why they are necessary, and why over 100 canons govern them
  • The five kinds of publications that still require an imprimatur
  • Is this marriage valid or not? How the Church decides (It's not simple, quick, or easy)
  • And much more... Plus background information and explanations to show you how these rules and procedures came about and the wisdom of the Church in adopting them

Publisher: Sophia
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781622821785
More by this Author: Fr Laurence J Spiteri
Keywords: Catechism books Catholic Doctrine and the Catholic Faith

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