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Hell: the Dogma of Hell

Hell: the Dogma of Hell
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Author: Fr F X Shouppe, SJ

Product Code:  B0789
ISBN:  9780895559005
Publisher:  Tan
Format  Paperback
Pages  112



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The Dogma of Hell explores the basic Catholic doctrine on Hell, purposefully awakening in the reader a profound realization of its reality and eternity of horrors. Eminent French theologian Fr F X Schouppe, SJ, author of Purgatory Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints, has written here a similar but much smaller book. In short chapters, he has recounted numerous true stories, apparitions of the damned, and complete Catholic teaching on Hell. He clearly shows that for those who are not motivated to do good out of love of God, the fear of Hell is a legitimate and often salutary motive for avoiding sin. Although the subject matter is frightening, the ultimate purpose of this book is not to frighten souls, but to help them avoid damnation by reminding them of the pain and suffering in an eternity spent in the absence of God.

Publisher: Tan
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9780895559005
More by this Author: Fr F X Shouppe, SJ
Keywords: General books Defending the Faith

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