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Pope Paul's New Mass: Liturgical Revolution: Vol. III

Pope Paul's New Mass: Liturgical Revolution: Vol. III
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Author: Michael Davies

Product Code:  B1592
ISBN:  9781892331731
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Hardcover
Pages  752



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Pope Paul's New Mass is the third and final book of the Liturgical Revolution trilogy. It is the unparalleled history of how the New Mass was devised, created, and implemented. Beyond this, a list of the manifold liturgical problems of the past generation is documented: from Mass facing the people and revolutionary legislation to Communion in the hand and the problem of the Offertory. For over thirty years this book has been considered the most thorough critique of the New Mass in the English language. Michael Davies, former president of Una Voce, was one of the earliest critics of the liturgical changes in the Mass after Vatican II. "By the mid-1970s the crisis within the Church was deepening. In his general research on the various novelties that were being introduced he had amassed a huge amount of data on the Council and how the great majority of the Fathers had been deceived by the well-orchestrated plan of a clique of European bishops and their liturgical advisers. Michael Davies argued that the Church's attempted headlong rush into unity with other Christian bodies would, in fact, have the adverse effect to that being proclaimed and was leading swiftly to its decline. Thus was born his great trilogy, Liturgical Revolution. His first volume, Cranmer's Godly Order (1976), examined the Protestant Reformation, what happened and why. His second work, Pope John's Council (1977), was written 'to provide an objective and documented explanation of the fact that the Church in the West is disintegrating and that the responsibility for this disintegration must be laid at the door of the Second Vatican Council.' His third volume, Pope Paul's New Mass (1980), provided a detailed examination of the development of the Roman rite, the liturgical legislation pouring out from the Vatican during and after the Council, the prayers and rubrics of the new rite of Mass, and the devastating impact of the changes on the Church throughout the world."-Leo Darroch, President of Una Voce International. Benedict XVI, on the Death of Michael Davies "I have been profoundly touched by the news of the death of Michael Davies. I had the good fortune to meet him several times and I found him to be a man of deep faith and ready to embrace suffering. Ever since the Council he put all his energy into the service of the Faith and left us important publications especially on the sacred liturgy. Even though he suffered from the Church in many ways in his time, he always truly remained a man of the Church. He knew that the Lord founded His Church on the rock of Peter and that the Faith can find its fullness and maturity only in union with the successor of St. Peter. Therefore we can be confident that the Lord opened wide for him the gates of Heaven. We commend his soul to the Lord's mercy." Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, 2004

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 752
ISBN: 9781892331731
More by this Author: Michael Davies
Keywords: Tradition books Catholic Traditionalism

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