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Surprised by Life

Surprised by Life
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Author: Patrick Madrid

Product Code:  B3088
ISBN:  9781622823734
Publisher:  Sophia
Format  Paperback
Pages  208
Year of Publication  1990



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10 Converts Explain How Catholic Teachings on Life Led Them to the Church. Here you'll read the eye-opening, often heartrending life stories of ten people who struggled with some of the most difficult issues human beings face - and who, as they struggled - were drawn out of pain and darkness by the beauty of Catholic teachings about life, marriage, and human sexuality.

Dramatic and thought-provoking, these intensely personal stories address virtually every controversial issue surrounding life, including in vitro fertilization, abortion, contraception, and more.

Gathered by popular Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid, they turn on its head the oft-heard charge that Catholics embrace the Church's teachings on life only "because they are Catholics." These good folks show the opposite: they are Catholics because of the Church's pro-life teachings.

In these pages you'll meet, among others:

  • AnneMarie S., one of San Francisco's highest paid call girls, made pro-life - and then Catholic - by a Catholic radio talk show.
  • Leticia A., the sexually-abused Texas Baptist teenager, whose life of wild promiscuity was brought abruptly to an end by her need for true marriage, which she found only in the Church.
  • Heather S., the pregnant teenager whose soul was awakened to the Faith by ten pro-life words from Pope John Paul II.
  • Jewels G., the post-abortion pro-abortion crusader, whose failed suicide left her alive long enough to meet good Catholic women who explained the Church's teachings, turned her pro-life, and won her to the Faith.
  • Leila M., the contracepting, pro-sterilization wife whose views were overthrown by the stark contrast between Planned Parenthood and the sweet memory of the wise pro-life teachings of her college ethics teacher, good Father Ryan.
  • Chris A., the sexually profligate Jewish lawyer, who too late came to see the evil of the abortions he enabled, and now works as a Catholic apologist seeking to end this American holocaust.
  • Plus others, who came into the Church after being "Surprised by Life."

Publisher: Sophia
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781622823734
Year of Publication: 1990
More by this Author: Patrick Madrid
Keywords: General books Catholic Conversion

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