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Tea Tree Oil: Nature's Miracle Healer (Natures Soothing Herb)

Tea Tree Oil: Nature's Miracle Healer (Natures Soothing Herb)
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Author: Julia Lawless

Product Code:  GB0129
ISBN:  9780722530320
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Format  Paperback
Pages  144



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Healthy explorer guide to the now much loved and much used Tea Tree Oil. In the series style of Aloe Vera and Saw Palmetto.

Few plants do quite as much good for humans as Tea Tree. Now widely recognised as a genuine natural healer - Tea Tree is widely used by our readers.

We tell the story of Tea Tree Oil - from it's use by Australian Aborigines through to modern day scientific and medical research that shows Tea Tree to be nature's finest natural healer.

Tea Tree is a powerful antiseptic, anti-viral and fungicidal substance. Safe for an enormous range of different medicinal uses - our A-Z of applications helps the reader to use Tea Tree themselves.

Skin problems including eczema, psoriasis, acne and simple spot breakouts.

  • Hair and scalp problems including dandruff and other sorts of irritation.
  • Basic hair care - Tea Tree washes make for beautiful, strong healthy hair.
  • It's safe natural fungicide for problems such as athletes foot.
  • Fantastic first aid for cuts and wounds.
  • Tea Tree can be made into a vapouriser to help with breathing problems, chest infections, the symptoms of the common cold, flu and much more.
There's almost no end to the powers of Tea Tree oil! This book is a little bible of natural first aid and healthcare.

Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780722530320
More by this Author: Julia Lawless
Keywords: Graceful Nature gifts Books on Natural Health

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