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The Mass of the Early Christians

The Mass of the Early Christians
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Author: Mike Aquilina

Product Code:  B0105
ISBN:  9781592763207
Publisher:  Our Sunday Visitor
Format  Paperback
Pages  256



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In this book, respected author, scholar, and television host Mike Aquilina reveals the Church's most ancient Eucharistic beliefs and practices. Using the words of the early Christians themselves - from many documents and inscriptions - Aquilina traces the history of the Mass from Jesus' lifetime through the fourth century. That the Mass stood at the centre of the Church's life is evident in the Scriptures, as well as the earliest Christian sermons, letters, artwork, tombstones, and architecture. Even the pagans bore witness to the Mass in the records of their persecutions. These legacies from the early Church bear witness to the same worship Catholics know today: the altar, the priest, the chalice of wine, the bread, the Sign of the Cross ... the 'Lord, have mercy' ... the 'Holy, holy, holy' ... and the Communion.

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781592763207
More by this Author: Mike Aquilina
Keywords: General books The Sacrament of The Mass: Holy Communion

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