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Why Catholics Cannot be Masons

Why Catholics Cannot be Masons
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Author: John Salza

Product Code:  B1513
ISBN:  9780895558817
Publisher:  Tan
Format  Paperback
Pages  166



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Many good Catholic men have been deceived into becoming Masons. In this powerful little book, a Catholic attorney and former 32nd degree Mason, John Salza, clearly shows why joining Masonry (including the Shriners) means embracing a false religion. Explains Masonic doctrines, history, rituals, oaths and curses, showing that Masonry is totally incompatible with Christianity and the Catholic Faith. Who is the god of Freemasonry? How does Freemasonry view the Holy Bible? What are the self-curses of Freemasonry? Why does Freemasonry appear to be compatible with the Christian Faith? What have the Popes said about Freemasonry? Are "Catholic Masons" excommunicated? How does a Catholic exit Freemasonry? Packed with facts and very well documented, Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons is a brief but potent revelation by a man who has been there - and then returned to the One True Faith.

Publisher: Tan
Pages: 166
ISBN: 9780895558817
More by this Author: John Salza
Keywords: Catechism books Catholic Doctrine and the Catholic Faith

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