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A Bishop Speaks

A Bishop Speaks
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Author: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Product Code:  B2827
ISBN:  9781892331335
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  312



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Writings and Addresses 1963-1976. Back in print after 13 years, this new, expanded edition includes those parts unpublished in the original English edition. Posthumous thanks are due to Mr. Michael Davies, RIP, who continually encouraged the publisher to reprint this book while revising "Pope John's Council" and "Pope Paul's New Mass". He said, "You must reprint "A Bishop Speaks"! It's a very important work." He referred to and quoted from his old copy constantly.

This book is a chronological collection of key letters, sermons, conferences, and interviews (1963-1976) of Archbishop Lefebvre that are critical to understanding his founding of the SSPX, his defense of Catholic Tradition, and his opposition to Vatican II and the New Mass.

"We hope that this English edition will be widely read. May it also help many Catholics - bishops, priests, and laity - to understand the tragedy that is ruining the Church, and the new betrayal of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Victim," said Archbishop Lefebvre in the first English edition.

INCLUDES: 1963: Letter to Members of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost on Wearing the Cassock; Letter on the First Session of Vatican II. 1964: After the Second Session of the Vatican II. 1965: Between the Third and Fourth Sessions of Vatican II. 1968: Light on the Present Crisis in the Church; For a True Renovation of the Church; Authority in the Family and in Society as an Aid to Our Salvation. 1969: After the Council: The Church and the Moral Crisis of Today. 1970: To Remain a Good Catholic Must One Become a Protestant? 1971: The Priest and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; The Fruits of the New Mass. 1972: The Priest and the Present Crisis in the Church. 1973: Priests for Tomorrow. 1974: Crisis of the Church or Crisis of the Priesthood? 1975: THE Declaration; Account of the "Three Cardinals' Commission" in Suppressing the SSPX; Letter to Pope Paul VI (both) 1976: Letter to Pope Paul VI (three); Ordination Sermon; The Sermon at Lille.

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 312
ISBN: 9781892331335
More by this Author: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
Keywords: Tradition books Tradition (SSPX)

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