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Against the Heresies

Against the Heresies
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Author: Marcel Lefebvre

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ISBN:  9780935952285
Publisher:  Angelus Press
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Pages:  329



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Here's the book for a world pretending everything is gray - even truth. Saint Irenaeus gave us the first Against the Heresies (Adversus Haereses) in the second century. In the 20th, it is as of a second Irenaeus that we present these conferences by Archbishop Lefebvre under the same title. They both address the same problem: Man playing God.

Archbishop Lefebvre analyzes the various aspects of Liberalism in the same way Irenaeus did of Gnosticism. As Saint Irenaeus addressed the philosophical errors and presented the Catholic response, which is the rule of the Catholic Faith in the Creed, so Archbishop Lefebvre, too, shows how the modern errors in the Church and Society are so opposed to our unchanging Catholic Faith. The solution is the same. Catholic Tradition. The Deposit of Faith. The authority of the Holy See.

Both appeal to the one test of Truth, that is, "the teaching of the Church of Rome." In fact, Archbishop Lefebvre's defence is but a commentary on the encyclicals of the popes. They're dead, but their teaching shouldn't be. Learn why these encyclicals were buried with them.

Six popes resurrected from the last 150 years. Eleven mind-blowing encyclicals. Against the heresies and the heretics, especially the Freemasons and the Liberals. All taught by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in the style of his other most popular work, Open Letter to Confused Catholics.

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 329
ISBN: 9780935952285
More by this Author: Marcel Lefebvre
Keywords: Tradition books Tradition (SSPX)

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