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Catechism of the Crisis

Catechism of the Crisis
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Author: Fr. Matthias Gaudron

Product Code:  B1737
ISBN:  9781892331793
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  248



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One would have to close one's eyes not to see that the Catholic Church is suffering a grave crisis. In the 1960's, at the time of the Second Vatican Council, there were hopes for a new springtime in the Church; exactly the opposite has come to pass. Thousands of priests have abandoned their office, and thousands of monks and religious have returned to secular life. There are very few vocations in Europe and not many in North America either; countless seminaries, convents, and religious houses have closed their doors. Many parishes lack priests, and religious congregations are obliged to abandon schools, hospitals, and homes for the aged. As Pope Paul VI lamented on June 29, 1972: "Through some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God."

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9781892331793
More by this Author: Fr. Matthias Gaudron
Keywords: Tradition books Catholic Traditionalism

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