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Christ and the Young Man

Christ and the Young Man
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Author: Bishop Tihamer Toth

Product Code:  B2506
ISBN:  9781937843786
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  231



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In The Young Man of Character Monsignor Toth invites boys to take up the challenge of conquering their soul with their eyes set on an ideal that has inspired men from antiquity to modern times: the man of firm principles and dauntless will power; the knight without fear and beyond reproach; the gentleman; the lad with a soul as strong as steel, straight as truth, bright as daylight, and crystal clear. But all was not said in that book, for just as nature needs grace to perfect it, progress in character-building depends on following the ultimate ideal, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here for the first time in English is the supernatural side of the program! Following the Lord Jesus from the crib at Bethlehem to the cross on Calvary, Christ and the Young Man schools the reader in how to be victorious in the spiritual combat. Written specifically for boys, this books helps with

- How to handle situations at home and at school

- Fighting temptations

- Prayer

- Meditation

- Spiritual Direction

- Cultivating the life of the soul

- Discerning a vocation

- Learning to love the Lord Jesus and to follow Him.

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 231
ISBN: 9781937843786
More by this Author: Bishop Tihamer Toth
Keywords: Traditional Catholic, Tridentine, Latin Mass Tradition books Catholic Traditionalism

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