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From Ecumenism To Silent Apostasy

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From Ecumenism To Silent Apostasy
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Author: SSPX

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ISBN:  9781892331373
Publisher:  Angelus Press
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Pages:  63



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In 2004, The SSPX sent a letter to all the Cardinals of the Church. This letter was accompanied by a hard hitting, but short and concise, analysis of Ecumenism. Recently, the SSPX has sent this same study to EVERY Catholic bishop in the world.

This booklet contains the letter and study, and includes a short interview with Bishop Fellay and two appendices: one, a not-so-Catholic (to say the least!) speech by Cardinal Kasper on Ecumenism and, two, standing in stark contrast, a pertinent excerpt from the writings of the great Cardainl Pie (1815-80), "On the Duties of Priests" .

The Study itself, entitled From Ecumenism to Silent Apostasy is masterful and is divided into three main parts with the following subdivisions:Analysis of Ecumenical Thought:

  • The Unity of the Human Race and Interreligious Dialogue
  • The Church of Christ and Ecumenism
  • The Recomposition of Visible Unity
  • The Doctrinal Problems Posed by Ecumenism:
  • The Church of Christ is the Catholic Church
  • Belonging to the Church by a Triple Unity
  • Outside of the Church There is No Salvation
  • The Pastoral Problems Posed by Ecumenism:
  • Ecumenism Begets Doctrinal Relativism
  • Ecumenism Turns Souls Away from the Church

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 63
ISBN: 9781892331373
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