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Author: Fr Alvaro Calderon, SSPX

Product Code:  B3261
ISBN:  9781949124699
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  263



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Can you interpret Vatican II correctly? While the fruits of Vatican II have been evident for decades many Catholics still lack the ability to articulate why the humanist principles that underlie Vatican II are so egregious. This book summarizes the main tenets of Vatican II, explains the correct theological and philosophical principles and exposes the fallacious thinking of the Council.

While this book is not an easy read, it is certainly a must read for any serious Catholic looking to understand the difference between what the Church has always taught and the philosophical mutation that has eroded the hearts and minds of Catholic prelates, priests, and faithful since the Renaissance till our modern day.

Topics defined, explained, and refuted by this book:

  • Inversion of the Common Good, Anthropocentrism, Catholic Humanism
  • Reinvention of Authority, Conciliar False Optimism
  • Humanistic Naturalism, Conciliar Naturalism
  • The Church and the Kingdom of God according to Lumen Gentium
  • The New Church, Humanism, Inclusivity, and Innovation in the Council
  • How Humanism Eventually Becomes Liberalism
  • Humanism needs Subjectivism and Autonomy of Conscience
  • Church and World Religions the Opening of the Ecumenical Pathways
  • And Many More Topics . . .

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 263
ISBN: 9781949124699
More by this Author: Fr Alvaro Calderon, SSPX
Keywords: Tradition books Tradition (SSPX)

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