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Religious Liberty Questioned (The Dubia)

Religious Liberty Questioned (The Dubia)
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Author: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Product Code:  B3121
ISBN:  9791892331129
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  178



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Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais meticulously explore the question of religious liberty and give a crystal clear picture of what the Church has always taught, what the Second Vatican Council taught, and how they are contradictory.

We are forced to choose. Naturally, in our time of liberalism many people cannot understand that we can defend opinions that can seem "outdated," "antiquated," "mediaeval," etc. But the doctrine of the Church is the doctrine of the Church. When the Popes condemned liberty of thought, liberty of conscience, liberty of religions, they explained why they condemned them. Leo XIII wrote long encyclicals on the subject. One only has to read them [to understand the reasons for these condemnations]; the same applies for Pope Pius IX and Pope Gregory XVI.

Again, all of this is based on the Church's fundamental principles, on the fact that the Church is truth, the only truth. This is the way it is; you either believe it or you don't, of course, but when you believe, then you have to draw the consequences. That is why, personally, I do not believe that the declarations of the Council on liberty of conscience, liberty of thought, and liberty of religion can be compatible with what the popes taught in the past. Therefore we have to choose. Either we choose what the popes have taught for centuries and we choose the Church or we choose what was said by the Council. But we cannot choose both at the same time since they are contradictory. --Archbishop Lefebvre, Religious Liberty Questioned

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 178
ISBN: 9791892331129
More by this Author: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
Keywords: Tradition books Tradition (SSPX)

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