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Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey
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Author: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Product Code:  B2715
ISBN:  9780935952179
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  73



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Archbishop Lefebvre's final book. Spiritual Journey describes sanctity, both simple and profound, based upon the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. "Souls find in the Summa not only the light of the faith, but also the source of sanctity." Originally written for priests and seminarians, it is now a popular favourite. In satisfying the intellect rather than the emotions, we're encouraged to make "a total and unreserved offering of ourselves to God by our Lord Jesus Christ Crucified."

Collected Works, Vol 3.

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 73
ISBN: 9780935952179
More by this Author: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
Keywords: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre collected works Tradition books Tradition (SSPX)

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