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The Canons and Decrees of Trent and Vatican I

The Canons and Decrees of Trent and Vatican I
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Author: Forward by Charles A Coulombe

Product Code:  B3367
ISBN:  9781622921737
Publisher:  Loreto
Format  Paperback
Pages  170



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In Latin and English. Here you will find all of the essential documents and infallible teachings of these two modern councils of the Catholic Church. They are beautifully laid out in a two-column format with large readable fonts of both the original Latin and Cardinal Manning's English translation side by side.

'There has existed throughout this writer's lifetime a diabolically inspired attack upon the ancient traditions and teachings of the Church. Our faith is that which comes to us by 'hearing'. It is that which is 'handed over' from generation to generation. The Holy Scriptures, for example, are part of Tradition, not the other way round. Tradition is the fount of Scripture. It is 'written' tradition. The same is true of the official dogmatic decrees of the Church. There is never any 'new' teaching. These decrees are merely clarifications or codifications of those traditional teachings handed down through the ages since the time of Our Lord and his twelve Apostles, and given now to us and to posterity in definitive form, by that living and breathing infallible authority, the Roman Pontiff. Neither Pope nor Council can be the origin of any dogma, merely the defender and custodian of it. It is primarily upon this point, how well did they defend and protect the traditional depositum fidei, that the judement of the soul of a pope or bishop will depend... ' 'Clarity of expression is what I miss the most in modern papal and theological teaching and writing. Thankfully, you will find no lack of clarity in the documents of these two inexpressibly beautiful dogmatic councils, nor in the catechism that was issued after Trent'. -- Charles A Coulombe


The Council of Trent

Symbol of Faith - Canonical Scriptures - Original Sin - Justification, Sin, & Merit - The Sacraments in General - Baptism - Confirmation - The Eucharist - Penance - Extreme Unction - Communion: Under both Species & of Children - The Mass - Holy Orders - Matrimony - Purgatory - Relics - Indulgences - Profession of Faith

The Council of Vatican I: Dei Filius

Dogmatic Constitution on Faith - God the Creator - Revelation - Faith - Faith & Reason - Canons: God the Creator: Revelation: Faith: Faith & Reason

Pastor Ęternus

The Church of Christ - Papal Primacy - Perpetual Papal Primacy - Nature of Papal Primacy - Papal Infallibility

Publisher: Loreto
Pages: 170
ISBN: 9781622921737
More by this Author: Forward by Charles A Coulombe
Keywords: Tradition books Catholic Traditionalism

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