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The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy - hardback

The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy - hardback
 The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy - hardbackThe Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy - hardback 
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Author: Fr. Adrian Fortescue

Product Code:  B1509
ISBN:  9780980208405
Publisher:  PCP
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  428



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The English classic on the historical development of the ancient Roman Mass, sometimes referred to as the "Tridentine Latin Mass". This is a high-quality hardback reprint of the 1930 printing, which though a newer impression from the original 1912 edition, in substance differs from the first only by the preface to the second edition. As one can read in the Editor's Preface, this title was initially part of The Westminister Library collection, a series of "handbooks" that were compiled to assist priests and students better understand the various elements of their Catholic Faith, primarily in matters theological. Fr. Adrian Fortescue (1874-1923), was an English Roman Catholic priest and scholar, a noted linguist and lecturer, a painter and calligrapher, an organist and composer of hymns, and an archeologist and liturgical expert in both the Western and Eastern Rites. Recipient of the rarely bestowed ecclesiastical triple doctorate, friends and parishioners alike called him "the Doctor", in tribute to his genius and multitude of talents.

Publisher: PCP
Pages: 428
ISBN: 9780980208405
More by this Author: Fr. Adrian Fortescue
Keywords: Tradition books Latin Mass - Study and Rubrics

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